Mobdro Plus- Player for TV, Music & Movie Trailer App Reviews

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Good one

I’m waiting for more updates in tv channels

Waste of money

Not worth it

Scam. Don’t buy.

Nothing like the android version. Waste of money. YouTube is better then this.

Nothing like Android’s version..

I was expecting to have more stations/tv channels; especially since I’m paying for it. It was not till after I downloaded it that I realized it only had about 1% of the channels offered in the Android’s version. I still gave it a 2 Star because it has a very good music selection, but I could have got it on YouTube myself. Wish this app would correct the issue and and add the channels like in the Androids version.

Worst app

Worst app I ever had

Worst App ever on Apple App Store

This app locks up doesn’t play any movies. It’s doesn’t play any shows at all. Worst mistake ever to even download this app.

Really disappointing. Will highly appreciate a refund

This app is basically the same as going on the youtube website. I really didn't appreciate the app features. I don't see no sense in charging money for this app. I will appreciate if the app developer refund me my credit back.

The easiest way to lose $3.

The easiest way to lose $3.

App does not even come close to Mobdro For Xbox One

Waste of money.

Very useless app

Don’t waste your money


Waste of your money!!

Waste of money

Nothing like the android app waste of $3.00

Scam, wasted my money

This app is a scam and should not be in App Store!!!!


Nothing like the apk, not even close. Don't buy this crap.


Don't buy this app

Don't buy

It's crash

Junk app

Wrost app. Wasted my money. Keeps crashing. This is a piece of junk.


This shiet is stupid don't waste your money 😪

Crashes 10 secs after opening

This app opens and starts to load, then crashes after 10-15 seconds. Don't waste your money

Do not buy

Most stupid app have ever bought

Good Jobs!!!

I've tried all the major music subscription services. Mobdro Plus has the most expansive library, best UI, and most personalized playlists of all the services I've tried. It works GREAT when it works. Every once in a while, an update comes out that brings a few quirks/bugs, but they usually get ironed out within a few weeks. If you install and the app is acting weird, give it a few weeks and see if it continues. Overall, great app!

Best Music app

Mobdro Plus destroys all other music apps on the market. The most user friendly, and customizable. Build playlists, save entire albums or single tracks, explore similar artists, download whatever you can think of, get weekly playlists based on your listening habits. Worth the price if you live for your music.

Good streaming, has it all!

I don't have any complaints. Wouldn't be bad if it were a little cheaper! It's not like you can keep any of the songs you downloaded... Just sayin'.


Honestly this app is so amazing. I have been using it for a week and have had almost 0 problems. The only problem I have encountered is on some music I download, instead of the song going to the top of my library, it will go all the way to the bottom. But besides that, it is a 10/10 app.

It was good

I really enjoyed this app. I had it since it first came out, right after MOG ended. Mobdro Plus had a large library of music, with many great and amazing exclusive features you wouldn't find anywhere else. Highly Recommend!!!!

Please Don't Take It Away!

This app lets me have all the music I want, even some that aren't easy to find on other apps. I think this app is easy to navigate, and it allows me to have my own account through a family plan, without having to share everything through icloud. I hate to see the app go, it's done everything I've wanted from a music app.

Love it!

I love this app, It has all the artists I like to listen to! So... I'm satisfied. But there two problems I ran into while using this app. The repeat button will not work, and sometimes the song I want to listen to, it starts buffering, then it skips four or five songs, then is plays the song it skipped too. That it! Haha!

Not worth the money

Not worth the money or free

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